We all play roles. We’re the hero, or the villain. And sometimes we’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Sometimes I’m accused of not listening (several people have told me this over time), but the truth is, I do… I just cycle things differently. It’s weird… sometimes it’s like I hear Charlie Brown’s teacher in my head initially, then it replays a couple times and it’s clear. (That doesn’t mean I still don’t ask things to clarify though lol…)

All that to say, I pay attention much more than those people think and although I don’t have the memory I wish I did (too many childhood/teenage accidents me thinks), I do have weird laser point memory on many things.

So, today, I was taking care of my grandfather and had some time to just think about  a lot of things… then I saw tweets, facebook msgs, and even recalled some conversations here and there that led me to an interesting thought that, I’m sure I’ve been guilty of myself.

That thought is that we judge people, relationships, things, etc then we reflect those judgements onto others. What I mean is we decide something about a person, then because of our pre-judging everything from then on out is tainted with that “thing” and we then taint other’s views of said person, relationship, thing, etc. (Sorta like we don’t allow other’s to make up their own minds about a certain thing, even though it’s partially their responsibility too.) I’m sure there is an actual psychology term or what have you for this, but today I had the realization of it.

It’s sad, it’s flawed human nature, but it’s true. So there, we are, judge, jury, and executioner.

In 2012 I’m working on not always saying the negative things I think about someone, thing, etc even if they are justified.


So, today I wanted to write about how ridiculously rude people can be, how hurtful they are, and why we should all cut those people off in 2012… then I sat there… looking at old photos… crying like an idiot.

Saying things like that would be the epitome of the cliche “easier said than done”. The truth is, people are going to hurt me, people are going to hurt you, and people are just going to suck at life in general.

The difference is… finding out who matters enough in your life, my life, or life in general enough that no matter what kind of crap they dish out, we move on, forgive and forget, and still love them.

It may sound masochistic, but I believe all of this. Or, at least I’m starting to. Frankly, at 28 I’ve come to find out that friend, foe, and family don’t always perform the way they are defined. Sometimes “enemies” can be oddly kind, friends can be downright jackasses, and family can be more distant than the east is to the west. But… they still have a role.

We can’t just toss our hands up in the air and get a new set of family, friends, or foes (lol who wants more “enemies” anyway right? lol) We have to take the good with the bad, the right with the wrong, and learn from all of it.

I’m not sure if this is wise yet, or if it’s just that sticking to “what’s familiar” is somehow calming even in the midst of turbulence, but I’m willing to try anything once… or… I guess at this point for the 1000th time.

Certainly… I am no saint. I’d never even joke that I am. In fact, I’m sure the exact same things I feel right now towards a choice few could be easily hoisted right onto my shoulders… even 100 times more so…

Maybe this is just me trying to say “do unto to others…”

Your Help is Needed!!!!

Saturday afternoon a member of my Coldwell Banker King Thompson family had a terrible fire at her home in Grove City. The house burnt to the ground. Fortunately everyone was able to get out of the home safely.

This family’s Husband/Father just recently returned home from active duty in Kuwait injured and spent several weeks in a local military base hospital. He came home from the hospital however he is scheduled to have additional surgery tomorrow Monday. They have their hands full.

Obviously with the total loss from the fire they need everything from clothes, furniture, household goods, a place to stay, etc. so we need to help. Canned goods and non-perishable food could be donated too!!

Husband/Father – shoe size – 10.5 (tennis shoes, work boots, casual shoes), shirt size (large men’s – tall – likes flannel), jeans size – 36×36, coat/jacket size – large(tall) (like work coats also like carhartt style), socks, underwear, gloves, also some comfortable clothes to wear after surgery (sweat pant, flannel pajama pants) x-large.

Wife/Mother – shoe size – 8.5 (tennis shoes, dress shoes, casual shoes), coat – large (suitable for showing houses and casual wear), tops/blouses/sweaters size – large or 14, dress pants appropriate for real estate – size 12 average, jeans – misses size 12 or 14, socks, undergarments, gloves, scarves

Daughter age 7 – shoes size – 13.5, clothes (pants, shirts, etc) size 6 or 7, coat size 7, socks, undergarments, gloves, scarves, sweaters, pajamas , etc

Daughter age 5 – shoe size – 11, clothes (pants, shirts, etc) size 5, coat size 5, socks, undergarments, gloves, sweaters, pajamas, etc.

Son age 3 – shoe size 8, clothes (toddler) 4T, coat size 4T, socks, gloves, etc.

Son age 14 – shoes – men’s size 9.5, shirts – men’s small, jeans/pants – 28×30 (wrangler or Old Navy size 16), coat – men’s small, socks, undergarments, sweaters, sweat shirts, gloves, etc.

Again they have lost everything so I am sure at this time they are not thinking about Christmas so it would also be nice to be sure they all have a blessed Christmas with plenty of gifts.

**The Red Cross has helped temporarily so they are staying in a motel room. Please lift them up in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this terrible time.

If you’d like to help, please call me, Betsy Sharp at 740-777-8803 and I’ll pick-up anything, anywhere in the central Ohio area that can go towards this family. Thank you!

Bullying is never ok!

So… earlier today, my VERY good friend (for10yrs) David Emerson (who works for Sunny95 and REWIND 103.5) posted this on his facebook after his Mom had tried to talk to his former Principal and was turned away. David called merely yo inquire why…:

In a letter from a Birmingham jail in 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr wrote:

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

With over 100 replies now to that thread, countless texts, calls, etc of support, David is standing strong.

THIS IS 2011 PEOPLE! NO ONE should be treated in such a manner. In a year where kids are committing suicide because they are being bullied in their schools, the fact that a PRINCIPAL of ANY school would do this is atrocious. Especially from a school that *does* receive some state funding.

The school: Delaware Christian School

If you live in the Columbus/Central Ohio area, you can watch David TONIGHT at 10pm on FOX 28 and 11pm on ABC.

UPDATE: David will also be on NBC 4 at 11pm with Colleen Marshall.


I find it funny…

I find it funny… that you can still hurt me even when it’s said and done.

I find it funny… you think we could be friends.

I find it funny… that I could never really say what I’m actually thinking, even here.

I find it funny… you would just yell at me if I could say those things.

I find it funny… that I actually met someone more “controlled” than me.

I find it funny… you’ll never experience being with me. (Call me conceited, but that’s not a conceited statement at all…)

I find it funny… that you say one thing and do another.

I find it funny… you say you want love, then never open up to it.

I find it funny… that you act pretentious and never let your walls down.

I find it funny… you want one thing, have it right in front of you, then decide you don’t want it.

I find it funny… that you could have had it all.

I find it funny… you need more time but you’ve been waiting forever.

I find it funny… that I cared about you more than I ever got to show, or say…


…but then again… nevermind… I don’t find it funny… at all.




Yea… I think I agree…

“The purpose of life is not to be happy.

              It is to be useful…

                            to be honorable…

                                      to be compassionate…

                                                        to have it make some difference

                                                    that you have lived and lived well.”

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Modern day Orpheus?

The History Channel is amazing.

Yup… I’m a huge History Channel fan. Today while I was working on a few transactions in my loft, I was stopped by the story of Orpheus and Eurydice.

Both are mortals… no god stuff coursing through their veins. But a “god” is involved. Hades… lord of the underworld (so yea… like “the devil” or whatever…).

Anyway… it’s a ridiculous love story, but a story that reveals human nature to the core. DOUBT.

So, to give it to you in layman’s terms… the two are wildly in love, marry, and this dude comes to attack Eurydice in the forest because she’s super hot and she ends up getting bite by poisonous vipers and dies.

That’d suck.

So… Orpheus finds her and Hades even notices that he weeps for her like no person has ever wept for someone they love. Orpheus decides to make a pilgrimage to the underworld to meet Hades and try to make a “deal with the devil”.

Orpheus has to endure this 3 headed dog creature (yo Harry Potter!) and all this other stuff… (which btw he totally plays them music and through it either makes them fall asleep or wins them over with the heartbreak they hear through it). Soooo… Hades cries… apparently he has no heart or soul but still cries so this is a big deal…

Hades makes a deal that if Orpheus walks out of the underworld (and apparently it’s a looooong treacherous journey) and Hades allows Eurydice to follow Orpheus… Orpheus cannot look back at anytime to see if she is there. He accepts the challenge and begins to walk out.

After walking and walking and his mind wandering and wandering… hoping she’s behind him… wondering if she’s given up on the hike… almost to the end and out of the underworld Orpheus loses his battle with doubt, turns around, she’s her now heartbroken face as she’s ripped back down to the pit of the underworld, and leaves alone.

I know it’s just a story… but I think it parallels many love stories in some way or another. We all have doubts about love. Doubt about our own ability, doubt that we’re good enough, or even those shreds of doubt that “if I do this, say this, etc they won’t love me anymore…”

Love is tough… hell… even “like” can be a challenge… doubt is easy.